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The Pros and Cons of Pursuing a Career in Dance

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Many people see dancing as an art form, a way of expressing themselves for fun. While this is true, dance can be more than that. Becoming a professional dancer can be a rewarding career for those who apply themselves and chase opportunity. If you are considering dance as a career, take these important pros and cons into account:

PRO: The Performance Lifestyle Can Be Glamorous

Making your living as a performer has a certain glamour. You may get to travel to new places as part of a ballet troupe or work for theatre companies and visit or live in large cities. No matter your performance plans, the ability to make your living as an artist has an appeal.

CON: The Performance Lifestyle Can Also Be Lonely

While you're traveling and working as a dancer, you will be away from your family. You will probably also work on or around major holidays, particularly Christmas. While many have enjoyed watching the Rockettes perform their holiday spectacular, we shouldn't forget that this means that their holidays must be pushed back while they make the season bright for others.

Of course, you can create your own traditions with fellow performers or find other times to visit your friends and family, but you may find working every weekend and major holiday to be burdensome.

CON: You Can Only Dance for as Long as Your Health Allows

Dancers are athletes as well as artists and are subject to the same risks as professional athletes. In addition, though dancers may train their whole life to be a part of a troupe, one injury can wipe out a career and a lifetime of work.

For example, if you experience a disabling injury, you will likely never dance professionally again. Luckily, dance takes discipline. You know how to build new skills and to care for your body. Only you know how much work you'll tolerate to rebuild your dancing skills after an injury.

PRO: After You Retire, You Can Become a Dance Instructor

Dancers build more than grace, flexibility, and extension as performers. The process of getting a dancing job takes courage and perseverance. Performing regularly helps you overcome nerves and build confidence. Finally, the life of a dancer involves regularly promoting yourself and is a great way to brand your skills as a choreographer, educator, and producer of your own dance studio.

Skills as a dancer take years to develop. Your ability to demonstrate position, posture, and step, and the determination that it took you to build your dancing career can help you build a productive studio as a dancing instructor. Moreover, you will have the patience and stamina to help others overcome physical challenges and embrace the athleticism and grace of dance.

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