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Taking Care of Your Body Can Enhance Your Dance Performance

If you’re a professional or amateur dancer, you know that the competition can be fierce as you reach the higher levels of dance. Gaining a competitive advantage is crucial to improving your dance game and reaching the next stage of development. While practice is definitely the most important way to improve your technique, several other strategies can help achieve your dance goals. Here are a few of the most effective ways to get a leg up over competitors and achieve more in your routines while also improving your health.

Stretch Correctly

Stretching increases flexibility, prevents injury, and improves muscle and nerve function. On the other hand, failing to properly stretch puts you at a higher risk of injury, which could set back your development significantly. Fortunately, stretching is easy and fun. A sufficient stretch routine can be completed in as little as five minutes by targeting the areas that are most susceptible to injury, like the lower back and hamstrings. Stretching tutorials are widely available for free on internet sites like YouTube. According to Liforme, yoga (an ancient Indian stretching and meditation discipline) is a great way to improve your flexibility and balance, which are two crucial aspects of dance.

Try Acupuncture

Another import from Asia, acupuncture is the practice of delicately placed needles in crucial points along the body to improve body function and relieve stress. Long dismissed in the West as quackery, recent scientific research has established actual evidence for the effectiveness of the practice. According to Holistic Healing Acupuncture, acupuncture has a very successful record with athletic injuries. It can decrease healing time for acute injuries from intense or repetitive physical activity as well as ease pain. The only significant drawback of this option is its relatively high cost and difficulty finding a qualified provider. However, if you find a reputable practitioner, and don’t mind spending a little money, acupuncture can definitely give you an edge in your dancing.


A variety of supplements can provide direct benefits to athletes, particularly dancers. For example, preventing inflammation in joints and muscles is crucial for dancers who practice for extended periods of time. According to UnityPoint Health, turmeric is well-documented to massively decrease inflammation. Fish oil also exerts similar effects. Green tea can improve concentration, a critical component of dance.

Employ these practices in your daily or weekly routine. You will likely see an improvement in your ability and may be surprised how much these advance your dance.

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