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Preparing for Your First Performance

No matter what your artistic pursuit is, everyone remembers their first performance. There are intense butterflies and questions about whether or not you actually have what it takes. One assumes you started dancing with dreams of being on a stage in front of adoring crowds, but it's still totally normal to be apprehensive about making your debut. These tips can help you to have an easier time with this first performance.

Easing the Jitters

Having some jitters can be good, as it means that you care about how your performance turns out. However, if you're feeling tense just thinking about it, you need to find out how you can relax. The night before, get to bed at a good hour so you can wake up refreshed and go over your routine a little bit more in the morning. When you arise, eat a good breakfast, do some stretches, and try meditating a bit so that you can help your focus be even more concentrated. Dance Studio Insurance also suggests visualizing the performance before you get on stage. This can help to prepare you mentally for when you actually do get in the actual space on the stage.

Preparing Your Costume

Your dance moves are just one part of your performance. You also need to have a strong costume and make sure it's all together. According to LITZ Dance, keeping track of costumes and accessories is always a challenge: it's every dancer's nightmare to show up and realizing earrings, a pair of slippers, or worst of all, a costume, isn't where it's supposed to be. Competition dance bags can be convenient ways to keep these things together.

Practice in Front of Others

Many people get nervous during their performances because they're going from practicing solo to performing in front of a full house. To help ease your nerves, perform in front of others. You might not be able to replicate the audience count of your performance, but it can help you get ready for such a situation.

Practice Until Perfect

Perfecting an entire routine at once is a very tall order to bring upon yourself. According to Dance Advantage, you need to break it down into different subsections and make sure you can master each part as well as you can before moving onto the next one. The more trouble an area is giving you, the more you need to work on it. If you're a very hard time with something after constant effort, take a break from rehearsing. When you come back, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much better you do.

The greatest dancers in the world would probably tell you that they felt nervous before their first few shows. However, the fear of making a mistake can be outweighed by the excitement about being in front of an audience and sharing your skills. What matters not is being perfect but being better than you were last time.

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