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How to Prepare for a Successful Dance Audition

Updated: Jan 14

Going on a dance audition, whether it be your first or your 50th, can be very nerve-wracking as it is. However, to go into an audition ill-prepared, well, that just adds smoke to the fire and can definitely hinder your chances of receiving a callback. If you want to have a successful dance audition, here are some ways that you can be more prepared.

Get Informed

In order for you to perform at your best, it is important that you know exactly what the audition entails. For example, know the type of production that you are trying out for so that you may choose a style of dance accordingly. It wouldn't really make sense to perform ballet at an audition for a hip-hop dance troupe. You want the judges to be able to have an idea of what you would be like when performing in the actual production. By knowing what type of production you are trying out for, you can perform the right dance, to the right music, as well as, wear the correct clothing.

Update Your Headshots

According to Brian K. Creative Photography, when preparing to have headshots taken it’s important to be in contact with the photographer to establish what kind of shots you want. You also want to dress simply, style your hair in a nice way, have your makeup natural and polished and find your right pose. It is important that your headshot is up to date so that when the judges are sifting through the photos, they can easily remember your performance once they see your picture.


From the moment you decide that you will be auditioning for a spot, practice as much as you can so that you can deliver as flawless a performance as possible. With practice comes confidence and that will radiate through your performance. While it is great to practice alone in the mirror, you should also try practicing in front of a small group of people. This can help you overcome the jitters since your actual audition will probably be in front of a number of people as well. As long as you are properly prepared and thoroughly rehearsed, you should have a successful audition. Make sure that you have as much info about the audition as possible so that there are no surprises. However, if things don't go according to plan, try to remain calm and remember that the show must go on.

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