Dress Code:

Girls:  Ballet, Tap, Jazz Contemporary

          Leotard: Pink or Black

          Tights:  Pink, Black or White

          Shoes: Pink Leather Ballet shoes

                       Black Jazz shoes

                       Black Tap shoes

Hair must be pulled back up and out of face

Boys: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary

           Solid color T-shirt

           Black Pants or Shorts

           Black Dance Shoes (ballet, jazz or dance sneaker)

           Black Tap Shoes (if taking tap)


Girls and Boys Hip Hop:  Loose fit, comfortable clothing

                                              No crop tops, please.

                                              Shoes should be non-marking                                                     outsole sneakers or hip hop                                                         shoes that provide arch and                                                         ankle support.                                                                              

Shoes should be designated for use in the studio and should not be worn outside.

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