Class Descriptions

My Hero and Me
My Hero and Me class is a movement class designed for kids and their heroes (e.g.
parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.) to connect through music and
movement. Discovering a sense of rhythm and musicality, and having fun is the primary
focus of this class. It introduces the child to dance, and is intended for ages 3-5, and is a
30 minute class. Child must be potty trained.
Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. That which all other forms stem fro
Students having Ballet training can do just about anything when it comes to dancing. It is
a disciplined dance technique that is based on a specific movement vocabulary
referencing each ballet movement. Students will become familiar with the historical
vocabulary that is written and spoken in French. Classes begin with stretching followed
by a series of exercises at the Ballet Barre. We will then move to the center of the room to
work through a series of Ballet combinations putting the technique learned into motion.
Tap dancing is the art of making percussive sounds with the feet. This rhythm based
dance is enhanced by metal plates positioned on the soles of the shoes, in the toe and
heel areas. Students will learn the classic style, will also be introduced to the rhythm
and urban styles of tap. New styles continue to develop and now include percussion
sounds with instruments and vocalizations. We will evolve with these new styles as they
are introduced.
Jazz is a classic form of dance technique often accompanied by popular music styles,
broad stretching movements and fast paced choreography. Students will learn a variety
of techniques including, but not limited to, Gus Giordano and Bob Fosse. This style of
dance is rooted in Ballet.
This class is designed for the experienced Ballet students. Pointe is the advancement of
Ballet class to hard boxed pointe shoes. Pointe classes give dancers the opportunity to
further explore the art of ballet, as well as continue to develop their technique. Girls are
usually between the ages of 10 and 14 years old when they progress into pointe shoes.
This advancement is not determined by age. It depends greatly on the muscular and
skeletal development of the dancer’s bones and feet, as well as the discretion of the
Director. A Pre-Pointe, or Beginner class, is designed to strengthen the core muscles
needed to work “en pointe” and prepare the dancer for “going on toe”.
Is similar to jazz in that it is often fast paced and requires a lot of energy and
concentration. Hip Hop is a stylized street dance involving movement isolations. This
ever evolving dance style is very popular with today’s youth and will be taught similarly to
today’s hottest choreographers.
Modern Dance has grown to become a personally interpretative form of movement which
is crossing the boundaries into Lyrical Dance. Lyrical Dancing interprets the moods and
emotions of the lyrics of a song. It is like painting the words with movements. This new
form has now become known as Contemporary. Combining down-to-earth, grounded,
and broad movements with the light and ethereal movements of Ballet, creates a very
beautiful and expressive style of dance. It is quite appealing to many of today’s dancers
with a Ballet background.
Musical Theatre
Is a very popular form of dance derived from Broadway. Students will learn not only the
dance styles made popular by such musicals as "Chicago", "Singing in the Rain" and "A
Chorus Line", but will go further into the realm of Theatre and work on their acting skills
as well. This is a very stylized form of dance and relies not only on the movement of
dance, but facial expression as well. This is a fun, energetic class that is grounded in Jazz.

Adult Floor Barre & Ballet Basics 

This one-hour class offers the beginning dancer an introduction to foundational stretching, body placement, and ballet technique. During the first half of the class, students will learn key stretching and warm-up movements to increase flexibility, musicality, and learn body placement. The second half of the class will introduce students to foundational ballet positions and movements, primarily at the barre.*

Adult Ballet Technique 

The adult ballet technique class is designed for adult dancers of all experience levels. Whether new to ballet or a seasoned performer, each class will review foundational ballet technique and offer ways to tailor exercises to meet each dancer’s goals for the class. We believe that offering an outlet for adults of all ages at all levels is an important and often overlooked in a traditional studio setting. Maybe you've graduated from your studio and aren't planning on continuing that dance journey at a collegiate level. Perhaps you are continuing while away at college, but need to keep moving during breaks. Or maybe, just maybe, once upon a time you were a little girl (or boy) who loved to dance and had to leave that life behind for a while only to long for the pure joy you once felt on the dance floor. Let us be the source that helps you to find that joy and LOVE of dance again! You're never too old to start dancing!*

*These classes will be session based so no long term commitment required. Although we believe you'll love the way you feel after each class that you will WANT to keep coming back! Fall Session runs August-October. Winter session runs November-January. Spring session runs February-May.


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